Exams, Preparing for life

By Sajad Ahmad

A time when we often think, that paper, that degree, that one last exam. We would be free, but then, is that what we are signing up for? Majority of us realise quite early on, this is not a profession to fall behind in. Medicine changes, research grows, what was good becomes bad, and what was bad becomes good, would that not lead to us practising obsolete medicine?

A lifetime of seeking knowledge means a change in lifestyle. Incorporating staying updated in our daily, weekly, monthly routine. Seeking courses, webinars, CMEs is perhaps the easier way to provide that. It’s a consolidated way of seeking what has been updated around the world. But how does one reach that conclusion?

Reflection. If a learning need isn’t assessed how do you know what is the missing piece of the jigsaw? So it’s important to sit back and think, what are my learning needs? But the needs themselves will only become evident when one actually reflects on their learning practices.

We shouldn’t forget, There are things you know you know, things you know you don’t know, things you don’t know you know, and then the one that should be a call to action, things you don’t know you don’t know.  The unknown unknowns.

So where do you think you fall? Reflect!